17 things successful people do differently

1. They take immediate and decisive action.
2. They sustain a limitless mindset.
3. They use imagination in creating their vision.
4. They use their vision to drive them.
5. They hold their vision yet adjust their strategy.
6. They don’t get hung up on striving for perfection.
7. They see failure as useful feedback.
8. They work outside of their comfort zone.
9. They focus on being productive, not busy.
10. They make informed decisions.
11. They keep things simple and to the point.
12. They focus on making continuous small improvements.
13. They measure and track their progress.
14. They maintain a positive attitude.
15. They don’t feed into fear.
16. They continually adjust to maintain balance in their lives.
17. They surround themselves with motivated, positive and successful people.

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