More quotes from the archives of Russ Kyle:

You are more. You are more than anything that has happened to you, or anything that could happen to you.” – Russ Kyle

The very fact that you woke up this morning is proof itself that this day is already predetermined in your favor.” – Russ Kyle

Every “setback” has the power to make you into something BETTER than you were before.” – Russ Kyle

Begin rehearsing for who you wish to become… and you will become.” – Russ Kyle

When someone has issues with you, let them keep “their issues” … and you, you just keep moving forward.” – Russ Kyle

Stop cheating on your present with your past… it’s over!” – Russ Kyle

Feeling down? Lift someone up.” – Russ Kyle

Improve the quality of your life in 2 simple steps:
1. Less complaining
2. More appreciating” – Russ Kyle

As we go through our day silently asking,
“How may I serve?”, the Universe responds in kind: “And how may I serve you?” – Russ Kyle

Life gives situations. We can make them into problems. Or we can make them into opportunities. It’s not up to life, it’s up to you.” – Russ Kyle

Personal transformation isn’t always pretty, but it’s beautiful.” – Russ Kyle

Consider this: Your dissatisfaction may be the Universe nudging you forward.” – Russ Kyle

Sell yourself on yourself, every single day.” – Russ Kyle

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