Looking forward to something? Take care while “looking forward” not to miss the many magical moments between now and then.” – Russ Kyle

It’s ok to outgrow others.
It’s ok to outgrow yourself.” – Russ Kyle

It’s OK to start over again. Besides, you are not starting over from scratch, you are starting over from experience.” – Russ Kyle

The more we accept the imperfections of life, the more perfect life seems to become.” – Russ Kyle

There are things we can change & things we can’t. Your energy, time & attention are your greatest commodities. Use them wisely.” – Russ Kyle

When you serve another, you serve the purpose of a greater design. A design that includes your own highest good.” – Russ Kyle

You are more.
You are more than anything that has happened to you, or anything that could happen to you.” – Russ Kyle

Much HAS happened. Much WILL happen.
Yet, what matters most is what IS happening, right now.” – Russ Kyle

Every “setback” has the power to make you into something BETTER than you were before” – Russ Kyle

Synchronicity; the Universe cheering you on.

Gratitude, it’s a magnet for miracles.

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